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About Roger

He’s been called the 911 of projects, a fabulous facilitator, and the consummate communicator. Roger is a helper, fixer, and rescuer. He knows that when you build solid foundations and excellent communication, you will have engaged teams. So why all the talk about engaged people? When you have people who are invested in their work and their colleagues, they will stick around longer. They will talk positively about you and your brand. You will spend less on turnover and re-training. Loyal and engaged employees mean customers will buy from you, which translates to higher ROI, an increase in your bottom line and better outcomes for you.

Roger is excited to share over 20 years of experience with you. His success with teams is a direct result of three things: trust, communication, and emotional intelligence. Success means building and maintaining trusting relationships. Vital elements of trusting relationships are vulnerability, honesty, and empathy. It’s that simple. 

Stories, real-life examples, and humor are a few of the many ways Roger delivers what you most need to learn and know to succeed. Excellent communication means being honest and genuine — in other words, authentic. 

Today’s virtual and remote landscape make communicating and developing trust even more challenging. Address communication and trust and you and your teams are empowered to accomplish anything! What if you could establish trust and allow people to have intelligent, rational, authentic conversations about what matters most? 

Hire Roger as a motivational speaker, workshop leader, or as a consultant to coach you and your team. He will help you build and maintain sound relationships that lead you to accomplish and achieve your goals. You want to communicate effectively and efficiently, and you need to develop and maintain trust with your co-workers and teams. Roger helps you get there.

“I started All About Authenticity because I wanted to save people from going through the negative experiences I went through – in life, in work, wherever. I have seen people mistreat others intentionally and unintentionally. In all cases, I know in my heart that self-awareness, communication, and trust would have helped every situation where communication and connection failed, where empathy could have replaced hurt, and self-awareness could have prevented much of the pain.”

I see a world where we understand ourselves, our behaviors and our actions, so that we can be there for others and understand them, their motives, and their intent. Communicating and connecting is more critical now than ever. With each generation and every year that passes, we have more messages thrown at us and more avenues in which to consume them. Managing those messages starts with a solid understanding and grounding in self. Emotional intelligence and positivity are just two means to guide us in all things related to connecting and communicating. Pursuing emotional intelligence helps us understand and manage our behavior, emotions, and ourselves. Positivity points us in the right direction.”


  • Worked as a project manager, tech support lead, facilitator, network administrator, software trainer, programmer, sales rep, and competitive intelligence analyst
  • Lived in New York, Atlanta (GA), Birmingham (AL), Chicago (IL), and Madison (WI)
  • Got his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Rochester (NY)
  • Has a certificate in project management from the University of Wisconsin – Madison (WI)
  • Received his MBA from Edgewood College (WI)
  • Huge science fiction fan – movies, books, series; especially time travel and alternate reality (like Man in the High Castle, The Time Traveler’s Wife)
  • Loves to travel; his favorite food is pizza; he likes to swim; loves all things Tesla.

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