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Breakouts & Workshops

Roger delivers dynamic, engaging, and interactive workshops and breakout sessions. He customizes content to meet your specific organization and audience needs.

Are you looking for a keynote or breakout speech? Are training and development what you and your organization require? Please reach out to Roger and discuss your goals and desired outcomes.

Roger is also available to work with you and your team one-on-one to do deep dives and explore topics more thoroughly.

  • Elevate Others to Elevate Others™️ Emotional Intelligence
    Emotions get us every time. We all feel emotion. It’s what we do after we experience them that defines us. Emotional intelligence is all about your awareness and relationship with people.
     Roger is a former (recovering) project manager and an expert in the field. He has successfully led dozens of projects and coached thousands of people. EQ is a skill and practice that promises to have a positive influence on your life. Discover the value emotional intelligence brings to your relationships with colleagues and people whom you serve.
  • Elevate Others to Elevate Others™️ Appreciation Intelligence: The New AI
    Loyalty and appreciation affect your bottom line and your workplace culture. Don’t think so? Think again! Customers, clients, and teammates want recognition from you. Do you deliver? Learn how to recognize how others prefer to be appreciated with words, actions, service, or gifts. How do you show appreciation for others? You have a bias for how you like to be shown appreciation, and so do the people you work with. Think they’re the same?
  • Step Outside Yourself™ ️Authentic Leadership
    You know great leaders when you see them. Have you ever wondered what makes them stand out from the others? We examine seven key traits you need to have to be an authentic leader. Leadership is more than knowing what to say and when to say it. It’s about having your finger on the pulse of the people in your organization and paying attention to what others often don’t see.
  • Step Outside Yourself™ ️Find Your Five: Lessons in Positivity
    Author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If that’s the case, then choose your five people wisely! That’s where “Find Your Five” comes in. Think about the people who you spend the most time with. What might your life look like if you actively seek out your five people? Do they nurture you or feed your soul? What if we include people in our lives who make us better and help us learn, grow and reach our goals? “Find Your Five” shows you how to examine what you want more of, find the people who have it, and how to include them in your life.
  • Elevate Others to Elevate Others™️ Build Trusting and Engaging Teams
    Teams function best when the people on the team trust each other. When people trust each other, real work gets done. Learn how to get the right people on your team, lead them to trust early, and engage sooner and more effectively.|

For more information about having Roger for your Breakouts and Workshops, please contact us.