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“Thank YOU, Roger! You are a rock star. We greatly appreciate all the work you did up front to prepare for the audience. Your message was spot on and everyone loved the presentation and came out of it with many practical tools to use right away.”
— Pam V.K., Greater WI Agency on Aging Resources

“We had Roger as the keynote speaker at our recent manager’s retreat. Roger was great, really held the room’s attention. He’s a dynamic speaker and presenter that always gets you to think deeper about his message. If you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, you can’t go wrong with Roger.”
— Tim Allen, Firm Administrator,  Reilly, Penner & Benton LLP

“I was fortunate enough to hear Roger Wolkoff’s presentation at the November Chapter meeting of the Houston Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. Roger was engaging, very observant of the audience and interactive. Roger delivered a message that kept the audience’s attention and provided us with information to bring back to use on both a personal and professional basis. We learned about emotional intelligence, the importance of communication and techniques on improving our listening skills. I highly recommend Roger to your organization as a guest speaker.” 
— DeAnna L. Lopez, CLM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP / Office Manager, White & Case LLP / President, Houston Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators

“Roger kept us engaged and interacting during his presentation about Emotional Intelligence at the Sacramento Valley Chapter Professional Development Day. We can have technical skills but the soft skills are a big part of success as a Project Manager. I walked away with very clear insight on how to improve my Emotional Intelligence. I highly recommend Roger as a fantastic speaker.”
— Grace, PMP, attendee, PMI Sacramento Valley

“Roger was an exceptional speaker at the PMI-Honolulu Chapter Professional Development Day. His simple, practical and humorous delivery on Authenticity was refreshing and fun. I highly recommend him for any Conference, Corporate or Private training event.” 
— Danny, PMP, attendee, PMI Honolulu, Hawaii

“Roger delivered a highly engaging and interactive presentation on creating positivity in your life. My team was inspired, educated and entertained at the same time. I would recommend Roger to any group looking for teambuilding, celebration and motivation.” 
— Krin Gresen, Director of Therapies, Aspirus Wausau Hospital

“Roger’s topics at our annual summer Professional Development Day were Emotional Intelligence, Appreciation Intelligence, and Finding your Five. The event was very well attended and the subjects clearly resonated with our membership who were looking to advance their project management skills in meaningful ways. Can you leverage the skills of emotional and appreciation intelligence effectively? You will be able to after attending Roger’s engaging workshop. Roger is the consummate professional and working with him on our PDD was a breeze! Thank you Roger!”
— Michele Carter, PMP, Director of Professional Development, PMI Central Mass Chapter

“Roger delivered a presentation that was very engaging to our members. Roger was very energetic and funny which kept our members on their toes. We learned how to handle talking to different generations or people that don’t have the same viewpoints. Our members took away valuable questions to ask when dealing with colleagues. We very much enjoyed our presentation and highly recommend him.” 
— Katie Kenny, Recruitment and Workforce Development Manager, Iowa Primary Care Association

“Roger delivered an exceptional presentation to the Building Inspectors on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. His presentation style is engaging, uplifting, humorous, and most importantly – authentic! I’m glad I have him booked for multiple events/audiences this year. By the time we’re done, he will have delivered his message to 3-4 different League audiences. Thanks, Roger”
— Carrie Jensen, CMP, Event Manager, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

“Roger’s presentation on leadership showed us many of the attributes that go into being a great leader. It’s not simple and it’s not easy, but anything worthwhile never is. Roger is warm, encouraging and was able to make everyone feel welcome and drawn them into the discussion.”
— Brent Mitchell, President, Smart Solutions, Inc.

“The presentation entitled “Emotional Intelligence” which Roger Wolkoff gave to our trade association in March 2019 was received enthusiastically. Our members were engaged and participated intellectually, physically, and emotionally during his three-hour workshop. Both our older and younger members responded to Roger. We explored human interaction and psychology across a spectrum of work and life situations. We learned how to recognize signals from within ourselves in different circumstances, and how to be aware of others at the same time. Roger gave us all some great new relations skills and demonstrated how effective they can be. Roger was a pleasure to work with. Communications during our booking process were smooth and our messages were promptly acknowledged. I would recommend working with Roger Wolkoff to anyone considering his material. We will have Roger back again with another one of his workshops, because our members have requested his return.”
— Dan Dixon – Property Appraiser, Chair of Member Education, Eau Claire, WI

“Roger actively engaged multiple classes of high schoolers while sharing real-life experience relevant to the classes I teach. Students were grateful to hear that the things we talk about and do in class will actually serve them in the years to come. Roger was a great addition to my content and really got my students thinking about their self-awareness and why they do what they do on a daily basis.”
— Ashley G., Kenosha Unified School District

“Roger delivered a very engaging and inspiring presentation on authentic leadership at an IMA conference. As a result, the management accountants in attendance were enthusiastically discussing their new S.U.P.E.R.Powers at the next break. What a great way to start our conference!”
— Dave S., Mid-America Council, Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

“Roger delivered an engaging and knowledgeable presentation on awareness – self, social and situational. I found it helpful to understand how to manage myself in different business situations to get the best positive outcome. I found Roger’s presentation something I could utilize in my day to day interactions with others. Thank you, Roger, for helping me to find a better me!”
— Diane Curtis, PMP, President – PMI Milwaukee/Southeast WI Chapter)

“Roger infused our PMI PDD theme ‘R.O.C.K.’ into his delivery of empathy in the workplace. He was engaging, held the audience attention, and was able to instill a positive presence at this years’ Madison Chapter PDD.”
— Trisha Frakes, Madison Chapter PMI PDD Speaker Lead

“Roger was very easy to work with from selecting the date, to the pre-event phone conversation, to following up prior to the event, to facilitating the event. I appreciated him stopping to understand our PMI Chapter needs and following through in the presentation. Roger’s presentation on authentic communication was powerful. His COAT model for authenticity will stick with me through my future projects.”
— Laura Mueller, VP Events—La Crosse, PMI La Crosse—Rochester Chapter

“Our group enjoyed having Roger speak over the lunch hour. As the event planner, I was impressed with the time and care he took to learn about our audience before the presentation. The presentation was engaging and allowed our members to interact. For me personally, my biggest take away was to stop and think about connection and the positive outcomes a connection with another person can bring, especially when least expected!”
— Jennifer Bishop, Project Manager, VP Events—Rochester, PMI La Crosse—Rochester Chapter

“Roger Wolkoff has spoken many times at the Middleton Chamber of Commerce lunch & learn session. He’s an engaging presenter and gives his expert advice on reinventing yourself with purpose and confidence. He’s wonderful to work with, and delivers a presentation with a perfect blend of thought-provoking intellect and humor. He clearly thinks about his audience and shaped his content appropriately. I look forward to working with him again.”
— B. Delabarre, Communication Manager, Middleton Chamber of Commerce

“Roger Wolkoff is a dynamic, engaging speaker that the Wisconsin Association of Nutrition Directors felt lucky to have kick off as our keynote speaker at our Fall Conference. His material truly resonated with our audience of nutrition directors, many of whom juggle many tasks, wear many hats and need to get energized to get more done. In his presentation, Roger delivered clear tips and most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to use our superpowers to get more done. Thank you, Roger, for an inspiring session!”
— Susan Richmond, Co-President & Training Chair, Wisconsin Association of Nutrition Directors (WAND)

“Roger led my team through a day-long session in priority setting and management. He was thoughtful in his approach to developing content for our meeting. He interacted confidently with my team, inviting engagement and feedback to focus our time together.  The key takeaway from our workshop was the closing session where we shared a specific learned moment that we could bring back to our office to practice daily. These learned moments have been important in my team’s confidence in setting and managing their priorities.”
— Steve Van Der Weide, Director ITS, Wisconsin School of Business

“Thank you, Roger, for your presentation during our all team meeting. I appreciate the research that you did so that your message was very personalized to our team. You truly understood the impact our team has on the students.”
— Angela Udelhofen, University of Wisconsin Platteville

“Roger’s presentation on Authentic Leadership was very eye-opening. When he revealed what the percentage was for what he liked to do vs. what he had to do, it made many of us take a closer look at our own careers. He will likely never know who or what he inspired, but he certainly set some wheels into motion. We saw his presentation less than a week ago and some people that attended are already coming up with business plans so they can change their work lives.”
— Nicole Willson, Wisconsin Central Chapter of Wisconsin Credit Union League

“Roger’s presentation on “Authentic Communication, What Happens when you are Real” was simple, on point and easy to understand. Roger engages well with the audience and the exercises were fun and appropriate. Roger researched who his audience would be and directed the presentation to fit the audience.” 
— Susan Richmond, Director, Vilas County Commission on Aging

“Roger delivered an engaging and supportive session to our chapter. Appropriately enough, Roger’s authentic interactions with the group helped create dialogue and allowed individuals to reflect on their own behaviors and what they might want to do in the future to help create a high functioning team.” 
— Jenn, Madison Area Chapter, Association for Talent Development

“I found your seminar to be very engaging! In a very positive and encouraging way, you got me to take a good look inward, challenge the way I think. Not only did you provide great tips to building trusting teams, you reminded me it starts with self-awareness; knowing my own strengths and weaknesses, what I bring to the party and how I connect with others. It was a very informative and enlightening seminar, thank you!”
— Susan W., Lands’ End

“Roger recently presented at the IIBA Madison Chapter meeting on Building Trusting Teams: Get More Done. I found him very knowledgeable about the topic of building trust. I noticed that attendees found his presentation both engaging and informative. He has a relaxed, interactive stage presence that helps participants engage actively and learn.”
— Joe Goss, VP Professional Development & Certification, IIBA Greater Madison Chapter

“Roger Wolkoff spoke with us about ‘What happens when you are real in dealing with others. He spoke of accountability in communications, how to be aware of the right communications style for a given situation, and how to remain true to who you are. Vulnerability is not a weakness; it’s a strength that people appreciate. The more you convince people you’re trustworthy and authentic, the more loyalty you’ll command. No matter our occupation, it’s all about people and relationships. His talk was filled with enthusiasm and humor, with plenty of interactivity.”
— Jack Ferreri, Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton

“Roger Wolkoff has the remarkable ability to connect with people in a way that is meaningful, non-threatening, and inspiring. He talks about how we talk with one another, how we tend to evade connecting at a deep and personal level; then he talks about approaches we can take to overcome that. He delivers his message with a kind and sensitive voice, giving you the feeling that it’s safe to be yourself, and to talk about the things you usually don’t, because it usually does not feel safe. Hearing his message inspired me to work hard on improving my communication, to chip away at the walls I put up that keep me from satisfying and meaningful conversation. He listens.”
— Peter Gascoyne, Economic Modeling Solutions

“Roger presented a program to our group on Authentic Communication that really engaged the audience. He clearly spoke to the need to be real with people in order to build trust in your relationships. He was down to earth and it was easy to take away a few points that can be applied immediately.”
— Pamela Rich, President, Metris Growth, LLC

“Roger lives his message. His authentic approach to each interaction embodies the trust and rapport that he teaches.”
— Som Varma, Rotary Club of Madison-After Hours

“All About Authenticity” is more than the name of Roger’s business… it’s a statement of who Roger is. He’s a true champion of authenticity who legitimately walks the talk in his daily life. Passion, commitment, humor and integrity are just part of the package when you work with him. Combine the qualities above with more than a decade of training, team leadership, business analysis and project management and the result is a savvy, engaging human being who is deeply committed to improving communication, culture and team functionality within organizations. I cannot recommend working with Roger highly enough.”
— Jacy Imilkowski, PMP, Speaker, Trainer, Personal and Professional Development Coach