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Authenticity. Being authentic. There is a wealth of information, content, and stories for us to delight in.

These are some of my favorites. They could be sources I have used to create content. Perhaps a video inspired me to look further into someone’s story. Maybe it’s something I am passionate about and gives me joy to share it with you.

What would you put in this space? What inspires you, gives you joy and happiness? What should the world know more about?

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  • Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves
  • Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You – Cal Newport
  • The Go Giver – Bob Burg and John David Mann
  • The Go Giver Leader – Bob Burg and John David Mann
  • The Go Giver Influencer – Bob Burg and John David Mann
  • The Go Givers Sell More – Bob Burg and John David Mann
  • Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken: Transform Your Life with the Power of Authenticity- Mike Robbins
  • Nothing Changes Until You Do: A Guide to Self-Compassion and Getting Out of Your Own Way- Mike Robbins
  • Bring Your Whole Self to Work: · How Vulnerability Unlocks Creativity, Connection, and Performance- Mike Robbins
  • Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation – Mike Robbins